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BlurBeta для 3Ds Max 2009 (32-бит и 64-бит)

Благодаря стараниям сотрудников студии Blur, пакет бесплатных плагинов BlurBeta от SplutterFish был перекомпилирован для Max 2009 (32-бит и 64-бит) и стал доступен для свободной загрузки. Также, в новый билд BlurBeta были добавлены несколько новых плагинов.

Пакет плагинов BlurBeta включает множество утилит, текстурных плагинов, модификаторов, композитинг утилит, дефлекторов частиц, материалов, объемных визуальных эффектов, объектов и объемных деформаций.

Состав пакета:

BlurLib V1.11UtilityLibrary required for a majority of the BlurBeta plugins
BlurGradient V1.06Texmapa gradient for max that has gain, center, and width settings
DoNothing V1.01Texmapworks as a pass through in composite textures
AlphaCompositor V1.00VideoPosta compsitor that composites using a pre-multiplied alpha algorithm
WaterCell V1.04Texmapcellular based water color splatter
WaterWash V1.02Texmapwater color washes
BlurDecayNoise V1.00Modifiernoise modifier that decays off from it's center
BlurDeflector V1.01ParticleDeflectordeflector with variable speeds
BlurMatte V1.02Materiala modified and extended matte material - supports bumpmaps, etc.
BlurNoise V2.04Texmapan alternative noise texmap
BlurPartForce V1.03ParticleForce2 particle warps - BlurWind and RandomWalk - super cool. Wind doesn't accelerate endlessly, like the max default.
Camoflage V1.04Texmapa camoflage texture
ColorClamp V2.04Materialclamps the colors coming out of materials so they won't mess up atmospherics, etc.
Dirt V2.02Texmapdirt texmap
DistBlend V1.03TexmapBlends between two texture maps based on the distance to the camera
Drip V1.04Texmapdesigned as a bumpmap for the "drop of water in a bucket" effect.
DustDevil V2.07Volumetricshaded atmospheric with lots of controls for doing smoke, steam, fire, dust, etc.
DynoSkin V3.01Texmapbumpy skin texmap
Electric V3.03Texmaptendrily noise texmap - now has exponential falloff
FilmGrain V2.01VideoPostcontrollable film grain for VP
BlurFire V3.03Volumetriccampfires, torches, muzzle flashes, etc.
GBuf2RGB V1.00VideoPostConverts Material ID's or Object ID's to an RGB mask image
HighlightOnly V1.02Materialonly generates the highlight part of the shade equation - for use with shellac
Math Compositor V1.0VideoPostCompoitor that does add, subtract, multiply, divide, and mix compositing.
LightBoy V2.01Utilitymanage scene lighting from a lightboard
Linear V1.02Texmapa specialized 3D gradient
Maelstrom V1.02Modifierwirlpool effect - like water running down a drain
MaelstromMap V1.02Texmapwirlpool effect - like water running down a drain
MultiBlend V2.00Materialmultichannel material compositor with stacking controls and masks
ObjUtil V1.01Utilityinterrogate, rename and cleanup objects in max
onb V1.05Materialanother version of the onb shader
PathCylinder V1.09Objectgrows a cylinder out along a spline - and adds thorns to it
Cast Shadows Only V1.03MaterialThis material makes the object invisable, but lets it cast shadows. Note: Shadow map shadows do work, but cannot be tinted.
Shadow Light V2.05Texmapblends between two colors/maps based upon the amount of light hitting the surface
Shellac V2.03Materialadditively comp two materials together to "shellac" on a second highlight
SideFade V2.12Texmapblends between two colors/maps based upon viewing angle
SideFadeMtl V2.00Materiala combination of ShadowLight and SideFade, but this one works as a material rather than a map
SolidColor V1.05Texmapour piece de la resistance - some maps don't have color swatches when you need them - just use this
TexmapClipboard V2.01Utilitylike the color clipboard, but this lets you drag and drop texmaps
Toner V0.1VideoPostfilter for doing brightness, contrast, color toning, etc.
Wake V1.01SpaceWarpwaves - like water flowing around an obstacle
WireTex V1.02Texmappaints the object's mesh as a map
SuperNoise V2.01Texmapover the top noise texmap - everything's mappable and has perturbation
Utility Material V2.07MaterialSet Mtl Requirements - Render reflections of object without rendering the objects themselves - etc.
Twist-O-Rama Modifier V1.04ModifierBend modifier for curl'ing things up. Does sea shells, corkscrews, etc.
L-System Object V1.00ObjectAn L-System Object plugin for experimenting with L-Systems. Builds trees, bugs, interesting geometry, etc.
Rain V1.01TexmapAn extension to the Drip texmap. This does animated rain - like rain falling on the the surface of a pond.
Raytrace Shadow Override V1.02MaterialWhen using raytraced shadows, this material allows you to map the apparent transparency of the object differently than the default shadow color/density. This give you a lot more control of shadows that regular materials do by default.
Toon AssistantMaterial A multi-sub mtl that allows you to set what type of mtl to use (not always standard) and defaults to different colors per material for easier debugging of what mtl is where on the object (not always gray).


Скачать пакет плагинов BlurBeta для 3ds Max 2009, 32 и 64 битной версии - Build 1

Скачать пакет плагинов BlurBeta для 3ds Max 9, 3ds Max 2008 и VIZ 2008, 32 и 64 битный - Build 5

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